Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair -October 28th, 2023  – Baxter, MN

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Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair
October 28th, 2023 10:00 to 5:00
Located at Arrowood Lodge at Brainerd Lakes
6967 Lake Forest Rd.
Baxter, MN 56425

$5 Entry Fee

Free Gift bags to the first 25 people!

Vendors may include:

Crystals, stones, essential oils, CBD, Sage & Incense, Card readers, Aura Photography, healing jewelry, Palm & Toe readers,  animal communication,  psychics, mediums, reiki practitioners, handmade products and much more!

Our Gallery Speaker 

12:30-1:30PM – Gallery $25

Char Savoie

Charvinity LLC / Metamorphosis Connections 

Reiki Master and Teacher, Psychic – Medium, and Empath Mentor

As a medium and an empath Char connects on an emotional and physical level to communicate with the spirit world and bring messages of love, healing, and guidance. Whether it is with your loved ones that have passed or your spirit guides these messages can bring peace and comfort. 

*** Not  everyone is guaranteed a reading, seating is limited ***


Our Vendors

Becky Steinhoff Artist – Oracle and tarot card readings with jewelry and art for sale. 

Being You Energetically LLC – Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Readings: After taking a macro photo of your eyes, I read the markers that you were born with that show what personality you were born to live as well as the talents/gifts and unresolved issues that your ancestors imprinted on your eyes. Also there are often ancestral or energetic images that appear in the eyes. Books will also be available for purchase. 

Blue Lotus Meditation and Mindfulness Center – We warmly provide mindfulness and meditation instruction as taught by the Buddha thus promoting psychological well-being, developing positive mindsets, reducing anxiety and depression, focusing and attention, and a more balanced lifestyle. Our instruction is open to all ages and levels of practice and all beings are warmly invited to sit with us without judgment. 

Buelow Wellness LLC – Karuna Reiki®, Sound Healing, Intuitive Perception Healing. ZYTO wellness scans, holistic & wellness products. 

Chavinity LLC – Offering intuitive card readings and mini healing sessions throughout the day as well as several of my homemade products for sale. Which will include pendulums, dowsing rods, rune stones, loose incense, and hand crafted sprays. 

Crystal Connection – Crystals, metaphysical supplies and card readings. 

Dars Divine Connections (Well Care) – Dar will be offering her popular “Ancestral Scan & Clearing” as well as Angel Card & Crystal Readings. Misc. handmade jewelry will also be available & she will be signing her Amazon Best Selling Book. 

doTERRA –  Essential oils and more. Get your free Itovi Scan today! 

 Earthway Farms – Wire wrapped jewelry, rocks, crystals, singing bowls, books, metaphysical items, and more. 

Gem Blessings – Handmade, intention jewelry, crystals and other holistic supplies. 

Heart Space Awakening – Heart Space Awakening will be offering artisan crafted custom quantum energy healing tools, and intuitive energy healing, blending reiki, QI healing, sound healing, and the use of quantum energy tools for a unique and powerful energetic healing experience. 

Infinite Roots – Holistic Wellness Body Energy Balancing and Readings, Animal Spirit Guide Readings. 

In Good Spirit – Psychic Readings. 

Kaiva Rose – Offers Tarot and Astrology Readings.

Life Circles Healing – An amazing variety of polished and rough crystals, gems and minerals! 




LifeWave – Stem Cell reactivation patches that are made with micro organic crystals that are non-transdermal. The patches are the first products designed to activate your own body’s stem cells without drugs or injections to help with heightened energy, mental clarity, deeper sleep, pain reduction and many more. 

Loving Bridge LLC – Joanna, the Loving Bridge Medium, connects people with their loved ones who have passed. She is a spiritual, evidential medium and a psychic. She has studied with well-known mediums including the internationally respected Mavis Pittilla. Joanna has been practicing professionally since 2019. 

Majestic Healing Jewelry LLC – I create beautifully designed jewelry from earth’s crystals. Each piece is showcased in its own package explaining its healing benefits. With the assists of my Guides, I am able to help others in choosing the stone that is most beneficial to them. 

Michele L. Jacobson LLC – Intuitive reader with some fae & pet related products. 

Nomadic Spirit Works Hand selected crystals, rocks & carvings. Jewelry & art, energy healing sessions & oracle readings upon request.

Oak, Birch & Willow Healing Boutique – We are a metaphysical store in Princeton, Minnesota. We will be offering a sampling of our many services (each comes with a free gift) and products we sell in our store in the form of pre-made gift baskets (think in terms of gift giving for the holidays coming up). We look forward to meeting you all!

Phoenix Rising – Angie will be offering Intuitive Gifts Sessions and Energy Clearing Sessions – sessions designed to foster big shifts, support ease, and release pain so you can feel confident, empowered, appreciated, and LOVE your life. 

PL Originals LLC – Handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets made from sterling silver, stainless steel, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and more. 

Primitive Origins LLC – Wire Wrap Tree sculptures. Dragon sculptures. Articulated 3D Dragons. Sand Dragons. Hand carved musical animals, the name I use for those is “Croakers”. 

Readings by Ruth – As a gifted Psychic/Medium I connect with loved ones, angels, source, spirit guides and any helpers allowing messages to flow and provide you with a special unique experience like none you have had. During our time, when loved ones connect, we ask for healing, love, hope and peace in their journey on the other side. As a healer, you will receive energy release, where you are sure to leave feeling lighter, loved and filled with peace and hope as you continue your journey through this life. 

Rebecca Krogen – Psychic medium deals exclusively with a spirit world to bring you the answers in the closures that you need in your journey. Also, helping you find that journey can change your spiritual awakening. I also carry metaphysical paranormal and holistic supplies. 50 years experience and an international radio host.