Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair  May 4th, 2024 

Hermantown/Duluth, MN

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Online Sales are for the Gallery event only! General admission of $5 is payable at the door.

Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair
May 4th, 2024 10:00 to 5:00
Located at AAD Shrine Meeting & Event Center
5152 Miller Trunk Highway
Hermantown, MN 55811

$5 Entry Fee

Free Gift bags to the first 25 people!

Vendors may include:

Crystals, stones, essential oils, CBD, Sage & Incense, Card readers, Aura Photography, healing jewelry, Palm & Toe readers,  animal communication,  psychics, mediums, reiki practitioners, handmade products and much more!

Our Gallery Speaker 


12:30-1:30 PM Gallery – $25

Ellie Cowan-Bovitz

Join us for Messages from Spirit! Ellie will be giving the audience personal messages of Help, Hope and Healing from your loved ones, guides, angels, higher self, animals, and the spirits of nature! Ellie Cowan-Bovitz is an empath, psychic medium and a sensitive. She has studied meditation, spiritual practices and sacred movement in India and around the globe since age 18. Her messages flow in a loving, healing and practical manner. Lear more about her at LoveYourPath.net

***Seats are limited, not everyone is guaranteed a reading***


Our Vendors

Ancestral Roots LLC – Crystals, sage bundles and teas. 

Being You Energetically LLC – I will be offering Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Readings. Taking a macro photo of your eye, I look for the patterns and markings in your iris and sclera. These markings reveal information about your personality and the gifts, talents, and unresolved issues that your ancestors shared with you at the moment of your birth. Ancestral or energetic images are also often found during readings. I will also have books available for purchase. 

Buelow Wellness LLC – Offers guidance so you can heal yourself. Services include Functional Nutrition Coaching, Reiki, Sound Healing, ZYTO scans, EVOX – perception reframing, and QHHT®. We also carry holistic wellness products and professional grade supplements. 

Crystal Connection – Crystals, metaphysical supplies, tarot and oracle card readings, psychic/medium readings. 

doTERRA –  Essential oils and more. Get your free Itovi Scan today!

Duluth Antique Marketplace – We sell Crystals

Earthy Essence – At Earthy Essence we believe in providing a mind, body, and spiritual experience for all. Bringing one closer to their soul purpose and closer to nature than ever before. Experience a Chakra Alignment, Aura Cleanse, Tarot Reading, or browse our essential oil products including roller bottles, sprays, bath salts, candles, and more. All created with intention to aid you on your spiritual journey. 

Enchanted Reading Specialists – The Enchanted Reading Specialists, Kris and Stacey are two empathic mediums who help people transform lives through spiritual practices like reiki. If you’re looking to grow your spiritual awareness, heal old wounds, or put an end to unwanted patterns in your life, visit them for a unique spiritual experience as they combine their energy for readings. The Enchanted Reading Specialists, coaching consciousness one soul at a time. enchantedreadingspecialists.com 

FALITHI HEALING – Master Shaman PaLiChee, creator of FALITHI HEALING since 2011, compassionaly guides seekers worldwide. Channeling wisdom, she discovers trauma, karma, and hidden abilities, bridging transformation, empowerment, and elevation, revealing souls’ purpose. *Psychic readings, healing, henna art, and specials! 

Let’s Get Stones – Reiki attuned, hand wire wrapped stone jewelry, loose stones and gifts to assist your spiritual journey. 

Life Circles Healing – Crystals, Minerals & Rocks! I have an amazing variety of rough and polished specimens for your enjoyment and healing purposes! I have about 200 varieties and I specialize in rare specimens for the collector who has everything! 

Lifewave – LifeWave patches are the first product ever that is designed to activate your own body’s stem cells, without drugs or injections. Experience a new level of vitality such as heightened energy, mental clarity, deeper sleep, faster wound healing, rapid pain reduction, and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. If you, or others you know are struggling with MS, Parkinson’s PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Autism, Neuropathy, Arthritis, Body Pain, Inflammation, Alzheimers, Dementia, Acne and more. 



Love Your Path – Mediumship & Psychic/Spiritual readings and oracle card readings.

Loving Bridge LLC – Joanna, the Loving Bridge medium, connects people with their loved ones who have passed. She is a spiritual, evidential medium and a psychic. She has studied with well-known mediums including the internationally respected Mavis Pittilla. Joanna has been practicing professionally since 2019. 

Majestic Healing Jewelry LLC – I create beautifully designed jewelry from earth’s crystals. Each piece is showcased in its own package explaining its healing benefits. With the assistance of my Guides, I am able to help others in choosing the stone that is most beneficial to  them. 

Michele L. Jacobson LLC – Intuitive reader with some fae & pet related products.

Nature’s Way Healing – I’m “That Crazy Reiki Lady” Nature’s Way Healing. I will have my reiki table set up offering reiki boost sessions; also offering Oracle card readings. I will have reiki infused crystal healing jewelry, and crystals for sale. I can’t wait to see you all! 

Oak, Birch & Willow Healing Boutique LLC  – Is located in Princeton, Minnesota. We specialize in services, classes and product sales designed to empower the client and assist them in healing themselves. 

Primitive Origins LLC – Wire wrap trees, Dragonflies and Butterflies. Dragon sculptures and 3D articulated Dragons. Croaking frogs and other wooden animal instruments.

Shining Light Healing and Wellness LLC – I will be doing Akashic Record readings  and Angel Healings. Angel Helaings can consist of a) Chakra healing and balancing, or b) Aura clearing and repair, or c) healing past and current relationships with an Energetic Divorce, Infinity Loop healing, or clearing Karma and vows. 

Soleworks Reflexology, The Rockwater Shop, Blossom Spirits – 

Crystal water bottles and straws, Flower essence remedies, reflexology, sound or crystal healing sessions. Charm candles, room smudging sprays. 

Songbird and Co. – We offer low-plastic and zero-waste health and beauty items, household goods, pet items and coffeeeeeee! 

Zenith HIgh LLC – Dr. Mary Newstrom is offering Shamanic Reiki Energy Healings. These healings combine two ancient traditions nurturing healing of Reiki while accessing enduring Shamanic techniques. As a bonus, she will help you reveal who your Spirit Animal is. 

Z’s Wiggles 4 Waggles – Holistic pet treats for cats and dogs.