Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair – March 9th, 2024
Ham Lake, MN

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Online Sales are for the Gallery event only! General admission of $5 is payable at the door.

Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair
March 9th, 2024 10:00 to 5:00
Located at Majestic Oak Golf Course
701 Bunker Lake Blvd
Ham Lake, MN 55304

$5 Entry Fee

Free Gift bags to the first 25 people!

Vendors may include:

Crystals, stones, essential oils, CBD, Sage & Incense, Card readers, Aura Photography, healing jewelry, Palm & Toe readers,  animal communication,  psychics, mediums, reiki practitioners, handmade products and much more!

Our Gallery Speaker 

12:30-1:30 PM Gallery – $25
Michele L. Jacobson, PhD.
“Natural Intuitive”

Dr. Jacobson is a skilled Intuitive reader with a lifetime of experience working with individuals bringing information to them through guides, guardians, angels, faeries, and many other high and fine beings. During this gallery event she will be providing answers to questions, messages from loved ones, as well as information from other realms including angels, fairies, and others. She also provides pet information readings and resources.

** Seats are limited, not everyone is guaranteed a reading **


Our Vendors

Being You Energetically LLC – I will be offering Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Readings. Taking a macro photo of your eye, I look for the patterns and markings in your iris and sclera. These markings reveal information about your personality and the gifts, talents, and unresolved issues that your ancestors shared with you at the moment of your birth. Ancestral or energetic images are also often found during readings. I will also have books available for purchase. 

Buelow Wellness LLC – Offers guidance so you can heal yourself. Services include Functional Nutrition Coaching, Reiki, Sound Healing, ZYTO scans, EVOX – perception reframing, and QHHT®. We also carry holistic wellness products and professional grade supplements. 

Candle Odyssey – Candles, Aura & Chakras Photo Readings and Facial Radio Frequency Contouring. 

Chavinity LLC – Offering intuitive card readings and mini healing sessions throughout the day as well as several of my homemade products for sale. Which will include pendulums, dowsing rods, rune stones, loose incense, and hand crafted sprays.

Crystal Connection – Crystals, metaphysical supplies, tarot and oracle card readings, psychic/medium readings. 

Danielle Engbrecht Massage Therapist – Chair massages – $2 per minute. New CBD line products. 

Divine Lights Services & Metaphysical Store – Crystals, incense, pendulums, pendulum boards, laser engraved items, candles, crystal jewelry, bath salts and self-love products, and intention bottles; all beautiful examples of our store. 

doTERRA –  Essential oils and more. Get your free Itovi Scan today!

E’s Angel, Oracle & Tarot Guidance – I am an Angel, Oracle & Tarot card reader and spiritual guide. 

Eos & Eir LLC – I will be offering Eos Aura Healing a process I developed using the healing energies of crystals, essential oils and your guides and totems to heal aura fractures and remove negative attachments. I will also be offering Past Life Regression sessions to explore your past to aid your future. May also offer OPUS Sound Bed Sessions. A new way to heal with sound! With 5 zones of vibration making soothing sensations with natural sound waves to balance you. 

Energy Junctions with Renee – Intuitive Tarot + Oracle Readings. 

You will intuitively select the decks we use, will infuse your energy with the cards & then get into a beautiful message from spirit that is needed to be heard. As I am intuitive, typical tarot spreads are not used in my readings. Spirit has a story that they put together for each individual client & I want to honor how they put it together for you. Messages of Love & Light. 

FALITHI HEALING – Master Shaman PaLiChee, creator of FALITHI HEALING since 2011, compassionaly guides seekers worldwide. Channeling wisdom, she discovers trauma, karma, and hidden abilities, bridging transformation, empowerment, and elevation, revealing souls’ purpose. *Psychic readings, healing, henna art, and specials! 

First Nation Designs – Native made dream catchers & jewelry. 

HeartCentric Divine Creations – Offers one-of-a-kind hand-crafted pendulums and other spiritual jewelry.

iEat4Health LLC – Offers RBTI Biochemical Testing using saliva and urine samples to get a set of complete biochemical numbers for the body. The biochemical numbers will provide information on what to drink, what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat or drink to help sift the body chemistry towards the healing zone for health and vitality. 

Jake “The Bear” Wondra – Jake Wondra finds your Power Animal and teaches you how to harness its wisdom and power. Jake explains the basic kinds of Spirit Animals (Power Animal, Totem Animal, and Messenger Animal), how they are different, why each one is important, and how they fit into your daily life. Learn how to connect with your Power Animal, why it is your Power Animal, and more. 

Life Circles Healing – Crystals, Minerals & Rocks! I have an amazing variety of rough and polished specimens for your enjoyment and healing purposes! I have about 200 varieties and I specialize in rare specimens for the collector who has everything! 



Lifewave – LifeWave patches are the first product ever that is designed to activate your own body’s stem cells, without drugs or injections. Experience a new level of vitality such as heightened energy, mental clarity, deeper sleep, faster wound healing, rapid pain reduction, and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. If you, or others you know are struggling with MS, Parkinson’s PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Autism, Neuropathy, Arthritis, Body Pain, Inflammation, Alzheimers, Dementia, Acne and more. 

Love Your Path – Mediumship & Psychic/Spiritual readings and oracle card readings.

Michele L. Jacobson LLC – Intuitive reader with some fae & pet related products.

Moxie Malas – Locally handmade stone and crystal aromatherapy jewelry. 

Namaste Therapy – Crystals and stones and crystal readings. 

Oak, Birch & Willow Healing Boutique LLC  – Is located in Princeton, Minnesota. We specialize in services, classes and product sales designed to empower the client and assist them in healing themselves. 

Primitive Origins LLC – Wire wrap trees, Dragonflies and Butterflies. Dragon sculptures and 3D articulated Dragons. Croaking frogs and other wooden animal instruments.

Pure Home Wellness LLC – Health and wellness products for the home such as eco friendly cookware, nutrient retaining juicers, grounded sleep system, advanced water filtration, and high efficiency air purifiers. 

Readings by Ruth – As a gifted Psychic/Medium I connect with loved ones, angels, source, spirit guides and any helpers allowing messages to flow and provide you with a special unique experience like none you have had. During our time, when loved ones connect, we ask for healing, love, hope and peace in their journey on the other side. As a healer, you will receive energy release, where you are sure to leave feeling lighter, loved and filled with peace and hope as you continue your journey through this life.

Reflections With Cindy – I am a Reflexolist, Reiki Master and Oracle Card Reader. Products for sale include Pendulums, Divine Rods, Crystals and Oracle Cards. Some childrens items available. Website: reflectionswithcindy.net Email: cindym50@q.com

Skye Chen LLC – Skye provides soul healing and psychic readings. In healings, he practices Ethereal Calibration (EC). EC aligns all parts of the soul to work in harmony, together as a whole. This releases your blocks and effects are powerful, lasting weeks. In redings, Skye channels into all areas of your life answers and guidance. He’s a natural-born psychic medium. Visit skyechen.com or call (507) 589-5521 to schedule your session. 

Soulworks Reflexology, The Rockwater Shop, Blossom Spirits – 

Crystal water bottles and straws, Flower essence remedies, reflexology, sound or crystal healing sessions. Charm candles, room smudging sprays. 

Sunshine on Cedar – Retail specialty energy healing items, jewelry, crystals, sage & cards, 

The Awakening Heart Center – Qigong energy healing and spiritual awakening support. 

The Journeyer of the Stars LLC – Is a Hmong Woman owned business. We work with crystals to create crystal kits, intention jars, jewelry, charms and more. Every item created us intended to heal, guide, or manifest. 

YourLifeCore LLC – Psychic medium, Shamanic Practitioner, energy worker, author, teacher and public speaker Laurie Wondra offers psychic medium readings. Laurie’s natural ability to see and sense energy helps people clear energy while connecting and communicating with Archangels, Ascended masters, pets or loved ones for information about past/present. Ask about career, relationships, home, or connect with loved ones. They are always messages to be delivered.