Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair – December 9th, 2023
Maple Grove, MN

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Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair
December 9th, 2023 10:00 to 5:00
Located at Maple Grove Community Center
12951 Weaver Lake Rd. 
Maple Grove, MN 55369

$5 Entry Fee

Free Gift bags to the first 25 people!

Vendors may include:

Crystals, stones, essential oils, CBD, Sage & Incense, Card readers, Aura Photography, healing jewelry, Palm & Toe readers,  animal communication,  psychics, mediums, reiki practitioners, handmade products and much more!

Our Gallery Speaker 

12:30-1:30 PM Gallery – $25
Michele L. Jacobson, PhD.
“Natural Intuitive” 

Are you curious about your angels, guides, and other high spiritual beings that are with you each day offering their help? Or maybe you’d like to hear form loved one, or know what spirit animal assists you, or get answers to pet questions, or even learn more about the faeries. With a lifetime of experience and forever developing her intuitive skills Michele, brings enlightened and insightful guidance to each Gallery’s group session.

** Seats are limited, not everyone is guaranteed a reading **


Our Vendors

Vendor info coming soon.

Ancestral Roots LLC – Crystals, Tea’s, Salves, Tarot Cards, Jewelry, Sage/Palo Santo.

Being You Energetically LLC – Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Readings: After taking a macro photo of your eyes, I read the markers that you were born with that show what personality you were born to live as well as the talents/gifts and unresolved issues that your ancestors imprinted on your eyes. Also there are often ancestral or energetic images that appear in the eyes. Books will also be available for purchase. 

Buelow Wellness LLC – Karuna Reiki®, Sound Healing, Intuitive Perception Healing. ZYTO wellness scans, holistic & wellness products. 

Candle Odyssey – Candles & Aura Photo Readings.

Chavinity LLC – Offering intuitive card readings and mini healing sessions throughout the day as well as several of my homemade products for sale. Which will include pendulums, dowsing rods, rune stones, loose incense, and hand crafted sprays.

Corvus & Nyx Magia- We are a trio of a Wiccan Witch, Druid and eclectic psychic/intuitive Witch that love all things natural, holistic and spiritual. We have all natural crystals and offer quality, natural, handmade, unique supplies and crafts that anyone can use! We have jewelry, candles, spell jars, divination items and MORE! On our website we also offer a lot of customization as well. We are all about making the experience CUSTOM to your wonderful UNIQUENESS. We also offer the ability to schedule Tarot Readings!

Creative Rose – Is a Spiritual Humanitarian art business that is dedicated to creating a positive impact in this world! Rylee Silvicki will be offering half hour sessions of channeled Watercolor artwork on a 4” x 6” piece for $44. Several art prints will also be available for purchase, along with sign-up sheets for future commissions! Creative Rose phone: 701-412-8390 & email: creative.rose19@gmail.com

Dancing Rabbitt Designs – Dancing Rabbitt Designs is a melting pot of handmade goods, and a stellar collection of crystals. Beaded stone jewelry being the focus of Rabbitt’s “Wear your medicine” campaign. 

Danielle Engbrecht Massage Therapist – Chair massages – $2 per minute. 

doTERRA –  Essential oils and more. Get your free Itovi Scan today!

 Earthway Farms – Wire wrapped jewelry, rocks, crystals, singing bowls, books, metaphysical items, and more. 

Eos & Eir LLC – Kelly Larson is redefining personal transformation with her powerful services that provide insight into, and healing from, past lives. Her Certified Past Life Regressionist service helps individuals identify how events from prior lifetimes are impacting their current life, giving them the tools they need to create new opportunities and strategies for growth.   Kelly’s EOS (Essential Oils and Stones) Aura Healing technique combines energetic support through essential oils and stones to repair aura fractures, halting energy leakage and removal of negative attachments caused by self-talk or social interactions. Together these two services provide a comprehensive approach to uncovering the root cause of disruptions in one’s life journey. Kelly’s mission is simple: unlock your fullest potential through understanding your past so you can live courageously in the present moment. She believes that everyone has an innate ability beneath all trauma, suffering or hardship; our vision is ultimately providing people with the resources needed to arrive at a place of balance and awareness that allows them to shine brightly as their authentic selves.

First Nation Designs MN – Native made Dream Catchers and Jewelry from the Ojibwe Nation in Northern Minnesota

HeartCentric – Hand-crafted one-of-a-kind pendulums and other spiritual jewelry.

Heart Space Awakening – Heart Space Awakening will be offering artisan crafted custom quantum energy healing tools, and intuitive energy healing, blending reiki, QI healing, sound healing, and the use of quantum energy tools for a unique and powerful energetic healing experience. 

Indigo Seeress – Psychic/Medium Readings. 

Innerpowerment with Wendy Benning Swanson – I offer healing modalities for people that are feeling disconnection, overwhelm, stuckness, and stagnation, or for people who just need a boost to support them in becoming the most powerful person that they can be. 

Kaiva Rose – Offers Tarot and Astrology Readings.

L’Bri Pure n’ Natural – Aloe based skin care and body care products. 

Life Circles Healing – An amazing variety of polished and rough crystals, gems and minerals! 

Lifewave – I sell phototherapy patches that work with the heat and infrared light from your body to activate the patches to make your body work at its optimal capacity to help your body heal itself from within. 

Love Your Path – Mediumship & Psychic/Spiritual readings, animal communication and healing work. 

Majestic Healing Jewelry LLC – I create beautifully designed jewelry from earth’s crystals. Each piece is showcased in its own package explaining its healing benefits. With the assists of my Guides, I am able to help others in choosing the stone that is most beneficial to them. 

Michele L. Jacobson LLC – Intuitive reader with some fae & pet related products. 

Namaste Therapy – Crystals and stones. 

Nomadic Spirit Works Hand selected crystals, rocks & carvings. Jewelry & art, energy healing sessions & oracle readings upon request.

Oak, Birch & Willow Healing Boutique – Healing services & supplies. Many types of readings including – Aura, Oracle, Rune, Pendulum & Astro Dice. We will also offer Reiki and misc. Metaphysical items. 



Peaceful Soulutions LLC – Margaret Rose is a Reiki Master Teacher who gives insightful, love and light-connected Angel Oracle Readings. She will gently share what the cards reveal with integrity and care. Leave your session secure in the knowledge that each card contained a message specific to you with the goal of bringing more peace to your soul. 

Phoenix Rising – Angie will be offering Intuitive Gifts Sessions and Energy Clearing Sessions – sessions designed to foster big shifts, support ease, and release pain so you can feel confident, empowered, appreciated, and LOVE your life. 

Pivot – Merry Jo DeMarais offers holistic healing services to support you on a journey of positive personal growth and transformation.

Leveraging extensive training, she custom-tailors integrated approaches uniquely suited to your needs. Merry Jo’s offerings include:

– Energy healing and balance

– Intuitive counseling  

– Grief, loss, and dying support

– Clearing and harmonizing spaces

– Emotional wellness practices  

– Meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual self-care rituals

Her compassionate techniques create space for you to heal and grow mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. You will reconnect with inner strength, align actions to values, release limiting patterns, and integrate aspects of yourself with greater self-love. 

If you feel called to unlock your potential and lead your life with greater purpose, ease, and wholeness, you’ve found your guide. Experience positive personal transformation and lasting shifts.

Primitive Origins LLC – Wire Wrap Tree sculptures. Dragon sculptures. Articulated 3D Dragons. Sand Dragons. Hand carved musical animals, the name I use for those is “Croakers”. 

Readings by Ruth – As a gifted Psychic/Medium I connect with loved ones, angels, source, spirit guides and any helpers allowing messages to flow and provide you with a special unique experience like none you have had. During our time, when loved ones connect, we ask for healing, love, hope and peace in their journey on the other side. As a healer, you will receive energy release, where you are sure to leave feeling lighter, loved and filled with peace and hope as you continue your journey through this life.

Reflections By Cindy – I offer Reflexology, Oracle Card Readings and Reiki Energy Healing. Products for sale include Oracle Cards, Books, Jewelry and Oils. 

Rock Solid Mamas – Crystal cocktails, sigil bags, sigil tiles/coasters, rune and tarot pendants, other crystal and gemstone jewelry, sigil gift sets with bespoke oils. 

Sacred Sessions – I’m offering Sacred Healing Session with Facial Reflexology which is a deeply relaxing facial treatment that offers the nourishing blend of profound physical relaxation, guided mental easing, and reflexology to support the autonomic nervous system so that your entire body can achieve a natural and powerful state of healing, recovery and wellbeing. Selling Sacred Self Care Facial Products/Gifts which include Rose Water Spray, Facial Serum & Sacred Self Love Smudge. 

ShawBella LLC – Offering Shamanic healings that unlock your inner power, release emotional wounds, and restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to step into a life of wholeness, purpose, and deep connection. Also available are one of a lind Talisman necklaces. 

Skye Chen – Skye offers shamanic energy healings, and natural-born psychic readings.

In healings, Skye provides Ethereal Calibration (EC). EC aligns the body, mind, and soul to work in harmony, as a whole. The effects continue beyond a single session.

In readings, Skye channels into all areas of your life for answers and guidance. We draw upon past lives, guides, ancestors, and our relationship with Spirit.

Soul Dream Experience LLC – Dream and nightmare interpretations. These 25 minute guidance sessions are designed to help you connect with your internal conversation, acknowledge the wisdom within you, and provide you with action steps or forward guidance in relation to your dream’s message. 

Sunshine on Cedar – Jewelry, Greeting Cards, Suncatchers, and key chains. 

The Awakening Heart Center – Offering Qigong energy channeling to open and rebalance energy flow in the meridians to promote physical, spiritual, or emotional healing. Commow benefits include release of pain, illness, limiting beliefs, emotional patterns or trauma (current, ancestral or past life): reduced anxiety or depression; cord releasing and allowance of higher perspectives for soul alignment and a renewed sense of well-being.  

Your Higher Path Healing – Katie Gross RN Spiritual Health Nurse 

Katie shares her spiritual practice of pottery and the story of how she came to art through the healing process. Each lotus is hand built with loving intention and comes with its own unique energy. Lotus candle holders can be used in sacred rituals. 

Wild Purple Energy – Welcome to Wild Purple Energy! We offer handcrafted, small batch Aromatherapy products made with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, intuitively blended to bring about particular energetic or emotional shifts. All products are blessed with Reiki or Angelic energy. We will also be doing mini-flower essence consultations, where the customer will leave with a custom-blended flower essence remedy designed specifically to support their emotional and/or spiritual healing.