Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair -March 26th, 2022  – Rosemount, MN

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Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair
March 26th, 2022 10:00 to 5:00
Located at Rosemount Community Center
13885 South Robert Trail
Rosemount, MN 55068

$5 Entry Fee

Free Gift bags to the first 25 people!

Vendors may include:

Crystals, stones, essential oils, CBD, Sage & Incense, Card readers, Aura Photography, healing jewelry, Palm & Toe readers,  animal communication,  psychics, mediums, reiki practitioners, handmade products and much more!

Our Gallery Speaker

12:30-1:30PM – Gallery $25
Claudia N. Johnson

Mediumship Gallery

A Gallery Reading is a fun way to experience a medium demonstrating how to connect to the spirit world in a group setting. Claudia will bring through messages from spirit that may include: spirit guides, loved ones, friends or pets. It is always an experiment that is in the hands of the spirit world both for your and their highest good. Time is limited, so no one in attendance is guaranteed a reading. There will be time for questions and answers at the end of the session. Join us for an amazing experience!
 *** Seats are limited, not everyone is guaranteed a reading ****


Our Vendors 

Michele Jacobson: Intuitive readings. Miscellaneous small merchandise related to faerie, dog, and spirit.

Grahm Wibstad: As a channeler I communicate with spirit guides. Your guides will share what areas of your life and what situations they want to help you with. Spirit guides often offer career and relationship advice. You can expect to receive specific guidance on what actions to take going forward. You may ask any questions you have or I can tune into your guides and see what they want you to know. Learn more about me and my services on facebook: www.facebook.com/heartcenteredchanneling

Mary Newstrom: Healing sessions incorporate three services: First, using Shamanic Techniques for clearing blockages, extracting negative/stuck energy, and rebalancing chakra’s; second, Holy Fire Reiki to infuse you with divine healing energy; and third, using my psychic abilities to communicate with your guides and ask who your Spirit Animal is.

Carrie Baucom: Blossom Spirits – Flower essence remedies to help with emotions Soleworks Reflexology – Reflexology, Sound Healing and Crystal Healing The Rockwater Shop – Crystal Water Bottles and Straws

Ruth Jossart: My work as a psychic/medium comes from a long line of women who have been gifted in various ways, from gypsies to psychic/mediums. I’m delighted to have these gifts and use them to bring together our guides and angels, helpers and messengers to provide guidance and healing. Using these connections will help you to enlighten your journey and give you rays of hope and love.

Lynn Ostrem: Tarot Reader

Carol Dutton: SERVICE: Irigenics Ancestral Eye Reading: After taking a macro photo of your eyes, I read the markers that you were born with including the talents/gifts and unresolved issues that your ancestors imprinted on your eyes. Also, there are often ancestral or energetic images that appear in the eyes. PRODUCTS: Books

Matt & Melodie Schultz: Handmade blank journals, spirit bottles, wood-burned/laser engraved craft items, resin craft, pendulums, pendants, witch balls/bottles, and unique gifts of the magical/metaphysical persuasion

Angie Spratz: Phoenix Rising Wellness helps overwhelmed and anxious moms heal so they can empower and step into their best selves —causing a positive and prosperous ripple effect in their personal, business, and family life. Attendees of the event will have the opportunity to work with Angie on-site as she will be offering Intuitive Gift and Entourage Power sessions – a chance to discover gifts and spiritual entourage members supporting them in specific areas of their life (i.e. job, role as parents, a specific challenge, etc.) Angie will also be selling 1:1 Healing Packages and Group Healing Programs.

Katri Sipila & Roberta Tigerfuentes: Ethereal Reunions is offering mini sessions with the transformative Quantum resonance Crystal bed. The QR crystal bed is similar to ancient Lemurian healing designs and utilizes seven systems of energy transmission: Light, Sound, Magnetic, Crystal, Orgone, Scalar Wave, and adjustable frequency. Together these elements create a system, along with intention and the body’s innate ability to align itself with optimal health, that allows the individual to readily use this high-frequency information to create a high level of homeostasis for healing. We are Katri Sipila and Roberta Tigerfuentes contact us at (218)310-0951 www.etherealreunions.org

Amy Hayes: I am a crystal intuitive. I sell crystals and metaphysical items. All gifts from mother earth.

Ellie Cowan-Bovitz: My energy work and readings are positive, compassionate and empowering! They go deep as I incorporate a lifetime of natural mediumship and healing gifts with a lifetime of study and practice that has taken me around this beautiful world of ours! You will always be left with some practical tools and insight to help you along your journey to building your best life, no matter the circumstances! Animal communication and hands-on healing with psychic insights available as well! We also sell some lovely salves for animals and humans. I will have some spiritually charged artwork for sale, as well.

Tammy Colline: I create beautifully designed jewelry from earth’s crystals. Each piece is showcased in its own package explaining its healing benefits. With the assists of my Guides, I am able to help others in choosing the stone that is most beneficial to them.

Heather Cottrell: Aloe based skin care.

Stacy Knese: Tarot Reading and intuitive channeled guidance.

Lily McNamara: Lily McNamara is a Holistic Practitioner and owner of Lily of the Light LLC. They have been an Intuitive Energy Worker for the past 18 years. With a passion to help people on their sacred path. They are a psychic/medium certified in the art of energy healing including Reiki, as well as trained in guided meditation, past life work and tarot. Helping people unlock their awesomeness. Lily will be doing intuitive tarot and psychic mediumship at this amazing event.

Enchanted Boutique: aura machine crystals, tarot/oracle decks, books, jewelry

Ben Lipkin: North Star Hemp Dba Carpe Diem CBD is a Minnesota Grown, Seed To Shelf company with the focus of working with health professionals an eastern medicine professionals / healers.

Stacie Murphy & Cindy Yoder: Rock Solid Mamas creates crystal and gemstone jewelry, trees of life, sigil bags, crystal cocktails and some multi-media pieces incorporating gemstones and crystals.

Claudia Johnson: Psychic Mediumship Readings with Claudia N. Johnson, Healing Energy Arts Center. Claudia tunes into your soul’s vibration, and strives to respectfully relay profound, healing guidance, and heartfelt, evidence-based messages from loved ones, spirit guides, friends, & pets, inspiring you with hope, clarity, joy & purpose. Feel deeply connected, loved, amazed, and energized. 15 minutes: $45, 30 minutes: $85. Major Credit Cards and Cash accepted.

Eli Nord: Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Melissa Dahl/Aligned Vibrations: Aligned Vibrations offers Intuitive reiki energy healing, animal reiki, and crystal healing. We pride ourselves on our custom crystal jewelry and decor and chakra enhancing essential oil blends!

Poppy Villavicencio: Incorporate yoga is an on-site meditation and yoga service. Shambala living is an energetic healing company.

Jeff Tyler: We are all searching for insights or information in life. This includes the events that are happening to us, our relationships or moving forward from where we are. Often we are looking for reassurance, clarity, and advice. Using two ancient disciplines, Palmistry and Tarot Cards, that I have studied for over twenty years, I add my own intuition and psychic gifts, to help you get insights to your own journey.

Kristi Graner & Shannon Hammar: We will have a booth to interpret dreams, do spiritual readings and spiritual cleansing.

Cindy Merriam:  I am a Oracle Card Reader and Reiki Practitioner. I sell some items including books, pendants, Oracle Cards and Jewelry.

Patrice Lardie: Handmade/assembled necklaces and earrings made from sterling silver, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and more with emphasis on spiritual symbols like the tree of life, lotus flower

Julie Heiman: A beautiful variety of rough and polished stones! Over 200 different varieties at great prices! Also: Sage, Organic Yaky Treats for dogs and stone jewelry.

Dawn Schulze/In Good Spirit: Healing Touch Energy work, Psychic and Medium 

Ali Fitzpatrick: Mini Numerology + Astrological Natal Soul Chart Readings: Mini sessions with Ali Fitzpatrick illuminating your soul’s journey, strengths, weaknesses, life lessons and purpose. Reconnect with your purpose and align with the poetic timing of your life. These mini readings are designed to be a first look at your chart to familiarize yourself with the basic functions of one or both of these systems. $2/min

Skye Chen: *Skye reads highly sensitive and intuitive individuals, as a psychic for psychics. We dive deep for insight about your life and questions you need answered are channeled. *Skye also offers shamanic energy healing: Ethereal Calibration (EC) to realign your body-mind-spirit pathways (the effects continue beyond the healing). This is similar to Reiki, but works with the light body instead. 

Leah Salo/Nicole Picciano: Ask an Advanced Esthetician, Cosmetologist and Reiki Practitioner all your skin, hair and metaphysical questions! Offering free skin consults and product demos! Offering oracle readings, Pendulum questions and readings with retail to support what you need. From reiki and crystal infused smokeless smudge sprays to crystals and pendulums that support your purpose or concern! We are so excited to bring you physical and metaphysical support towards your health. We will have skin care kits available for purchase based on skin concerns and exclusive discounts on services! When you purchase a skin care item or sign up for a service hair or skin you enter to win in our drawing!

Rochelle Blair: I am a Reiki Practitioner and an Intuitive and provide energy work as well as intuitive readings guided from Source. I also sell homemade gift baskets with a variety of items including, oracle cards, bath salts, and essential oils.

Marcia Lowry: Qigong energy channeling sessions to promote healing by releasing energy blockages, rebalancing energy flow, and restoring energy reserves. Common benefits are pain relief, reduced anxiety or depression, and enhanced physical, spiritual, or emotional healing. 

Theri Edwards:Quilled (paper) Art

Ray Bonebrake: Crystals & Stones for healing

Anika Stafford: Wild Purple Energy Health and Wellness has everything you need to move you along your wellness journey. We specialize in stress relief and emotional, physical and spiritual wellness by means of focusing on creating shifts within the human biofield and spirit. We offer custom blended aromatherapy products, energy healing services, and emotional wellness consultation services.

Kim Whitney & Carrie Mitchell: Out of the Mist does master guide oracle readings and Carrie performs Reiki.

Stacy Ringstad: R-ValleyWellness offers Chakra Balancing with the Nobel prize winning technology(C60 fullerene lens) of the BiOptron light. The Avacen machine will put you into a parasympathetic state within 10 minutes (decreased histamine, cortisol, and adrenalin), increase your microcirculation by 66%, and help alleviate pain.

Michael Schramke: doTERRA Essential Oils, ITovi testing, Essential Oil Education.