Meet Our Team

Mike Schramke and Teri Gatewood


As vendors attending many holistic and wellness expos over the past 3 years both Mike Schramke and Teri Gatewood have become aware of individuals seeking balance emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually through holistic healing and wellness therefore have purchased BodyLabUSA. As new owners we are excited for the future building relationships with both vendors and guests to meet the needs of all. We hope to see you soon!

Dale & Sandy Pocernich

Wisconsin Event Coordinators

Dale and Sandy Pocernich have been attending BodyLabUSA events for the past 5-years as a vendor and as the Wisconsin Sector Coordinators. They both are very passionate about meeting the needs of their guests and vendors.  Sandy has 25+ years of experience being a vendor at events and truly loves the atmosphere and energy shared at their Holistic Healing and Wellness Fairs. The Holistic Healing and Wellness Fairs are a family affair and run also by their daughter Kayla who will be greeting at the registration table for each show.